Welcome to Hive Sibellus


One of the great traits of the 40k universe is that nearly every corner of the galaxy has some sort of documentation & story to fall into. As a customer buying into the dark galaxy you gain access to an infinitely rich playground to explore. 

As far as I can tell all of my future 40k projects will be based in the setting of Hive Sibellus. It's got everything: Hive Nobels, Mutants, Adeptus Arbites, Inquisitors, Secret Chaos cults feeding the Dark Prince and Magistratum Officers galore! 

"Sibellus' immense, eight thousand kilometre-wide bulk dominates the coastal plains and lowlands of the northern temperate landmass. Where its enormous, multi-layered skirts touch the coast itself—in a five hundred kilometre belt—they spill out over the black granite cliffs like shelves or glacial ridges."

"Countless generations have added their own embellishments and every available surface is crammed with gargoyles, frescoes, columns and mosaics. The hive spire is a jumble of glittering wonders, while the middle hive—and even the underhive—is composed of long-fallen statues and temples to wealth and power. The middle hivers live in rickety tenements built inside the shells of great mansions and basilicas, and trudge to work each day through avenues formed by fallen statues. The underhivers live in buried hovels built into the eyes of great stone heads or clustered around the broken columns of fallen temples."
"The hive looms—indeed, spills—over towering black granite cliffs, which are lashed by ferocious seas during the stormy season. The Lucid Palace, a city in its own right, stands on a massive column of rock rising from the sea just off the coast, connected to the hive by a single, cyclopean, stone processional bridge, as well as by countless smaller rope bridges and a fleet of ferries which transport strong-stomached passengers across the debris-strewn waters."

My compulsion to whip-up a table's worth of terrain for any setting has been sated. Hive Sibellus now exists on my own personal tabletop. 

It's a really great feeling to jump into warband creation without any other projects niggling the back of my mind. 

"Nobles travel the streets of the spire accompanied by large retinues of servants whose primary role is to look impressive. The streets in the spire are very safe thanks to the large private armies that guard every estate and the efforts of the Magistratum to man checkpoints, which regulate the people coming in and out of the hive spire. Violence in the spire, apart from trials by combat and sanctioned duels, is rare."
Underhive settlements huddle in the few stable areas, separated from one another by endless deadly warrens where hive-quakes and cave-ins are a constant threat. Many settlements are completely isolated, their inhabitants hunting underhive vermin to survive and having no idea that there is a hive city above them at all.
The Tyrant Star Komus appears above one of the hive cities of Scintilla

The Tyrant Star Komus appears above one of the hive cities of Scintilla

Sibellus is interesting because it's not an overtly violent place, but is home to 25 billion Imperial citizens so just about anything goes. If this world isn't the greatest setting for a re-release of Necromunda I don't know what is! 

Here are the beginnings of Sibellus' first official warband from me. Lately certain proprietors of 'Trap' music have been creeping into my earbuds increasingly. Meet Ill Bill & the Party Chick.  

Ill Bill

Ill Bill

Yes that is a Microphone in his hand... attached to a portable speaker. On a scale of 'Upper-Spire-Noble' to 'Mutant Scum' this warband finds itself somewhere in the middle. Ill Bill shares his music with the over-toiled residents of Sibellus. You can find him sluething around the absolute bottom of the 'Middle Hive'; often submerging into areas the Magistrate would officially classify as 'Underhive'. 


He only has one accomplice thus far, but she is pretty spicey! I picked up the figure from Prodos Games. She is from the Maras group. The Bike that she rides upon is sourced from a large Kijiji haul I scored a while back; I have no idea where it's from exactly. 


The base was cannibalized from a completed miniature which I deemed to be no longer worthy. The elbow was cut & some Milliput work was needed. For those of you who have only ever used greenstuff, and are Milliput virgins: For the love of chaos try some Milliput. It's like what 'Liquid Greenstuff' was supposed to be. You can find it on Amazon shipping to everywhere. 

I have seen others in the Inq28 scene posting 'Warband-Creation-Soundtracks' in conjunction with their updates. I'm all over it. Here is Ill Bill's inspiration:

That's all for now. I'm expecting this project to ramp up quite quickly. I'll leave you with a group shot and a WIP.