On Shiny Object Syndrome

Lately it feels like I have been suffering from hobby ADD to a much greater degree than usual. I now currently find myself slogging through my first "real" commission job. When thinking of what I might work next I feel pulled in every direction. Nothing makes me crave to start a new project like working on someone else's miniatures. 

Perhaps one of the major culprits behind this wave of indecisive inspiration is due to the hype train coming down the tracks. I would like to briefly touch on this topic as someone who not so long ago racked their 40k miniatures with dashed hopes of ever truly enjoying said system again. 

If you had asked me a year ago what Games Workshop would need to do to bring me back into their game I would have listed three things:

  1. Replace the Codex system with easy-to-tweak Online/App unit cards
  2. Supplant the self referential nightmare that is the 40k Rules network with something more elegant
  3. True scale marines would be pretty cool...  

I've been trying my best to ignore that giant elephant rampaging through the miniatures world as I keep an eye on this obscene pile of Infinity boxes accumulating beside me. Nothing lights a fire under ones butt to buy miniatures like a newly found gaming group that meets weekly at a locale that serves alcohol! The painting is of course an after thought, but there has been some progress: 

Hot Dice Miniatures Infinity Nomads

The question that is on my mind now is do I return to the Infinity project once the current commission is completed? Or do I give into the carnal desire to just run to my local Games Workshop and purchase exactly Two-Hundred-Ten dollars worth of this:

It's astonishing how good I am at deceiving myself. As someone who has been collecting miniatures for the better part of two decades you'd think I would have figured out that there is no instant gratification in purchasing miniatures by now. In fact it's quite the opposite scenario! The extra box adds at least some amount of anxiety as it takes up a small amount of space in a closet corner. And yet I CAN NOT seem to shake this insatiable need to consume the next shiny. 

At it's core this post is an attempt at self therapy. I've attempted in the past to exorcise these feelings of miniature greed by documenting every project I have on the go in a video here. I can report that it did have some effect on my collecting habits, but not as much as I had hoped for. 

At my weakest during the wee hours of the morning I parooze blogs like Exprofundis and become filled with a sense of urgency like: Here is this art someone made, and I need to make some too... like right now! The obvious flaw in this thinking is that the pieces that are the most inspiring are the ones that take an extraordinary amount of time and planning to pull off. 

It's the careful consideration of this fact that has got my mind racing on what I want work on next. This is a question that every collector is nearly constantly dealing with. Even with a huge backlog of projects that are work in progresses there are always new ones to be sparked into a reality on the hobby desk. 

If it's the projects that take the most time that end up being truly inspiring, then perhaps I need to strengthen my resolve, go back to a WIP and actually finish it. After all it's only once a project is finished that we ever see any of that gratification we are so desperately seeking when we make the purchase in the first place. 

Anyway that's enough rambling for now. I'll leave you with some pictures of the commission that I'm working on now. Thanks for working through this with me. 

Descent 2nd Edition Fish Monster Thing

Descent 2nd Edition Fish Monster Thing

Descent 2nd Edition Two Headed Ogre Guy

Descent 2nd Edition Two Headed Ogre Guy

I've been working with Blood For the Blood God instead of Tamiya Red, and I have to say I'm Impressed with the results. 

I've been working with Blood For the Blood God instead of Tamiya Red, and I have to say I'm Impressed with the results. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Mordheim battle report I released this past week. I teamed up with Matthew from Oldenhammer to record a new video for my Youtube channel, and I think it turned out pretty great. Give it a watch if you're into that sort of thing.