Revisiting the Grunge

Yesterday at 3pm I posted a video to my Youtube page documenting my journey grunging up some Infinity terrain. I wanted to write a post documenting all of the intelligent feedback I received from the community. Somewhat surprisingly there were many competent answers given to all of the problems & questions I posed during the video. 

But first let me dump some pretty pictures!

Bakunin Reverend Custodier Boarding Shotgun
Nomad Mobile Brigada
Bakunin Prowler Spitfire
Bakunin Reverend Healer
Bakunin Nomad Spektr

Back in February I documented the process of putting together a crap-load of MC Studios (Quebec!) Heavy-Card-Terrain for Infinity and painting it. From beginning to end it was the greatest task I've set out to do in the hobby in such a short period of time. 

At the end of the process I was fairly happy with the outcome. The stark colours work well for Infinity, however they leave something to be desired when substituted into certain other game systems. I've always wanted in-tact buildings to use in 40k, and giving these boxes a GRIMDARK™ look seemed like a great way to unite my sci-fi terrain collection. 

During the video I come across more than a few issues; a couple of which I solve myself. By the end of the video there are two issues lingering. The first is this: The edges of the paper graffiti cut outs are really visible. 

Well Jon that is actually a pretty smart idea. It would require some extra cutting on the walls that include doors & windows, but the final product would be well worth that extra bit of work. 

The second issue was that during the paint removal/chipping process I was pulling up the layer of paint underneath the chipping fluid. This is a pretty undesired effect that can stain your top colour in a terrible way. 

This would most certainly fix the issue. Varnish does fill a room with extremely toxic vapours though, so I have vowed to do it outside from now on. This requires me taking my airbrush, paints and subjects outside and into the public. Probably not worth it in this scenario. 

Can you believe it? The man behind the late MC Studios Marc Caron himself stopped by to watch my boring video about his terrain! Probably the coolest thing that has happened to me in the Youtube space.