Korgaan's Cursed Son

"As Korgaan manipulates the lives of the Varangur, the threat they pose grows ever more real, like a sinister and malignant cancer lurking in the north."

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"Korgaan's bitter hatred of all dragonkind is a terrible grudge that is rooted in the time before the Celestians."

"If any descendant of one of the former Great Drakes is foolish enough to stray within Korgaan's reach, its fate is to become captured, tortured, twisted and deformed by Korgaan's eternal spite." 
"The resulting abominations are known as Jabberwocks. Each is different, mutated into ever more repulsive and mocking effigies of their former selves, stripped of their freedoms and bound to Korgaan's malicious will. 

"This was an ancient and malevolent thing, a deity long neglected that had become nothing more than a forgotten imprint on the world. A memory of an immortal past; a mere fading shadow."

"Those in Korgaan's favour, the champions and trusted lieutenants of disorder, have strange and wonderful gifts bestowed upon them."
"The primeval being, both fickle and cruel, began to craft a new culture in its image."
Varangur Cursed Son

So I had a ton of fun playing around in Photoshop for this post (if you couldn't already tell). I was inspired by the fluff quoted above from the Kings of War book. I love the idea of a Dragon-hating God sending armies on extended campaigns through the country side just to kill wild flying-lizards. 

The cursed son was made using a Games Workshop Blood Reaver, some unidentified metal wings I got in a trade a while back, greenstuff, and a head bit from Maxmini.EU

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Cursed Son Work in Progress
Kings of War Varangur Cursed Son