Building Up the Underhive

A vibrant INQ28 community on Instagram and Games Workshop's latest plastics have been working together deviously to yank me back into the Forty-First millennium. In this post I mentioned how tempted I was to purchase the new Industrial Terrain set; I caved. Due to the very talented posts on Instagram tags like #Inq28Terrain I've decided to take on a new project. I have been diligently (impulsively) collecting materials to construct a table's worth of under-hive-city terrain. 

Warhammer terrain

Some old terrain pieces are on the chopping block for cannibalization. A trip to the local thrift store also led to some nicely themed finds. 

When I first picked up the giant ceramic pillar I didn't know precisely what would become of it, but surely it was Gothic enough to be used for something. It started with just the base platform texture, and slowly grew into the monstrosity that it is now. Putting this first building together was a rewarding creative outlet. This free form building fills me with nostalgia. When I first dived into miniature modeling mish-mashing different bits together with reckless abandon was one of the greatest joys in life. 

This is what the building had evolved into after the first two sessions of messing around:

It was after this that I decided the building wasn't robust enough for it's size. I hunted down some novelty plasticard, and decided that the whole thing could use another floor to fill the gap in the center. 

What I love the most about this Necromunda scene which I'm trying to mimic is the fact that the buildings don't necessarily have to make sense logically; they just have to follow some rules aesthetically. Some of my favourite work posted by the Instagram user: dark_tech_ consists of five metal walls on silts. This guy's scratch built terrain explodes my imagination in a way that only us nerds can appreciate. 

Follow  dark_tech_  on Instagram

Follow dark_tech_ on Instagram

I would be further along on this project's timeline if not for my trip to Nova Scotia this last week. A drive 20 hours both ways saw me out to witness one of my best friends tie the knot to his beautiful bride. The sojourn afforded me a couple of opportunities. The first of which landed me on the bay of Fundy. 

Apparently this bay experiences some of the highest tide variance in the world. Even on the great bay of Fundy I can't stop my brain from thinking about miniatures. I might need help. I snagged these six gorgeous rocks because I thought they would look great on the tabletop.  

The second opportunity it afforded me was the chance to wear a kilt! 

Okay one last photo. As a person who has grown up living near urban areas for most of my life I've never actually seen an eagle in real life. On this trip I saw one flying over a field from my car window, and my step-father even managed to snap a few shots of them the next morning. This was too cool to not include; truly majestic.