Toronto's Chrystal Brush Qualifier

On this past weekend of Sept in 2017 I attended the 3rd annual Sword and Brush event which touts itself as "Canada's Premier Miniature & Figure Painting Show". I've compiled some photos of the mind-bending artwork on display there. The amount of talent showing up in Toronto is staggering.  


Full Figures: 

Wargaming Figures: 




The event organizers wanted the competition to be as inclusive as possible so they handed out multiple bronze, silver and gold medals for each category. Awarding medals like this allows painters to return year after year and compete against themselves by trying to achieve a greater medal. I scored myself a Bronze medal by entering my Kholukk from Mierce Miniatures. 

I have gone ahead and chosen my own favourites from each category. Here are your totally unofficial winners: 

Painting Category Honorable Mention 

Best Painted 5.jpg

Painting Category Bronze

Best Painted 3.jpg

Painting Category Silver

Painted 2.jpg

Painting Category Gold 

Painted 1.jpg

Diorama Category Silver 

Best Diorama runner up.jpg

Diorama Category Gold 

Front View

Front View

Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

The painting on display was truly inspiring, and made it very difficult to ignore the vendors setup along the walls of the hall. There was no way that I was going to leave the event without picking myself up a bust to paint for next year's competition.  Meet Mr. Lantern Pirate from Castle Miniatures. I was fortunate to meet the interesting gentlemen whom founded the company. 


The event was very fun and well run. During my time loitering in the hall I obtained some insider information about a local store planning to team up with this event. The intent is to grow it to a con sized event with paint judging happening simultaneous to multiple war-gaming tournaments. To me that sounds pretty darn exciting. 

A few members of the local Infinity club I sometimes attend showed up, and they all took home silver or gold medals. 

In other news I've just finished painting a Mordheim commission of "Hired Swords". You can see a gallery of those finished miniatures here

The customer also asked me to create a video about his robust figures, and I was happy to oblige!