Necromunda Cometh

This month's issue of White Dwarf is here and it has me pretty excited. My introduction to the forty-first millennium was in 2002, which means that I missed the hype train that was Necromunda. Not this time folks! Underhive production has been ramping up with some spicy new paint jobs fresh off the hobby desk.  


This is the project that currently occupies the front of my mind, and really truly gets the juices flowing!  Back in March I wrote a little bit on the subject of developing your own miniature painting style. I still think that getting to grips with what inspires you is the best way to master your hobby. I have become somewhat obsessed with trying to replicate John Blanche's style, and I hope that is evident in the pictures above. 

I am very late to the Instagram game, but am very grateful for having found the #Inq28 community on there. By following enough talented people you can create a steady stream of new content throughout the day that scratches that 40k itch; a stream of absolutely amazing sculpting, conversion and paint work. If there was ever a social media platform for showing off this type of work it's Instagram.

Here is a list of some of my favourites:

John Blanche - Literally John Blanche  
Dark Tech - All time greatest conversions
Shibboleth02 - Fascinating ship interior terrain project (I don't know how he does it)
RADheim - Amazing Mordheim action shots
Gisuscraistsuperstar - A most unique miniature sculptor
Migs - Proprietor of IRONSLEET (amazing)
Simonsen.1974 - Truly great Inq28 stuff

There are so many more; too many to list. It is the constant consumption of this content that has led me to create an entire table worth of terrain to paint in my faux-Blanche style. You can surely expect a 'Blanchitsu White Belt' painting tutorial to follow this post up in the near future. 

My imagination has really  been taken by some blog networks based out of Europe that build Inq28 style warbands. They get together once a year to play a hardcore narrative game using these artisan groups of miniatures built slowly over months. I'm talking about places like Secrets of the Void, Wilhel Miniatures, Iron Sleet & The Gardens of Hecate. When these blogs are updated I get as pumped-up as the general populace does when a new episode of GOT drops. 

I want to mimic this style of post the future with similar warband creation and low-light photographs. The ambiance created by these artists is so unique and enjoyable to me. This is why I am determined to finish the table of Necromunda style terrain. It will unlock the part of my neurotic brain which prevents me from working on miniatures that have no terrain to play on. 

I have even chosen a corner of the 40k universe to build within. Near the Halo Stars in Segmentum Obscurus there is Sector called Calixis, and in this sector there is sub-sector dubbed Drusus. Drusus is home to a hive world called Scintilla. This hive world is the capital of Calixis, and is dominated by two separate hive cities: Hive Sibellus and Hive Tarsus.

"Scintilla is also a world of corruption. Moral decay eats away at the noble houses, members of which are often deluded by their own wealth and status."

I can't think of a better place to claim as my little corner. If I get bored of one hive, I've got another, that is on the same world! 

In completely unrelated news I have finished one more commission which has been added to my testimonials page. This one was for a gentleman playing 40k out of Ireland. This client actually requested the paint job so that he could gift the miniature to a friend. What a swell guy! In the mean time he was building up a bodyguard unit. Here is a group shot of them all nicely united together. 


Go raibh míle míle maith agat!