Web Stores and Dragons and Islands Oh My

Web Store

This website now has a web store filled with genuine classic miniatures. I implore all of you to have a parooze through the ancient blisters; many gems can be found within. Celtos minis make great additions to Saga warbands, and Age of Sigmar Free Peoples. Earth Dawn is fantastic for Dungeons & Dragons (looking at you Dungeon Masters!), and finally Warzone is the old 40k competitor that was really quite a juggernaut in its time. These are great for Necromunda.

The point of the web store is two-fold. First: I would really like to share these amazing, yet forgotten treasures with the world. Second: there is something very exciting coming to Hot Dice Miniatures. Stay tuned! 

January's Hobby Progress 

The month of Janurary is usually a time of extreme hobby progress for me as my work duties are diminished to zero for 30+ days. Weeks are made up of drinking coffee, feeding the babe, and painting miniatures! It's okay to be jealous; I would be too. 

At the end of 2017 a great number of people posted their 'totals' for the year - as in how many miniatures they painted to completion inside 12 months. No way am I going back Sherlocking my way to that personal number, but I've been inspired to start keeping tabs this year.

January's number so far is 15 (with 2 of those being huge terrain sets). I'm not too sure how to include terrain in the number. I don't want to artificially inflate my progress, but at the same time terrain can be quite time consuming. 

During this time home I've been stewing in my own unpainted hoard. It's uncomfortable! Unpainted minis have been sitting in a display cabinet to motivate me. They were demotivating me!

I realized that this was weighing on me one night at about 2am while laying sleeplessly in bed. Naturally I got up and reorganized my stock until about 4am. I decided to only display sculpts that really excited me. Now I have this:


Four more large models will be joining these beauties. All of my other storage is filled! I've been wracking my brain about what I can sell, but my heart simply wont let any of it go. 



Most of the miniatures painted this month were Dragons. Back in 2013 I tried my hand at the Forge World Carmine which made number 8 on my list here. It is satisfying to see how my painting skills have progressed over the last five years. 

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the finished product, but ultimately I painted Barney. 

Look how clean that keyboard is.

Look how clean that keyboard is.

This carmine went though something of a rebirth 2 years later in 2015 when I repurposed her as a Helldrake for my Black Legion army.  

I realize now that this was nothing short of miniature abuse, but at the time It's what I needed to do. That is an old Khorne- Berzerker-on-Juggernaut model that I  superimposed there. It was cool for a while, but after a year or so this miniature really bummed me out each time I saw it. 

Here is what she looks like now: 

Forge World Carmine Dragon
Forge World Carmine Dragon
Carmine Dragon Base

All that I have to say is that it feels sublime to finally give this piece the paint job it deserves. 

Here are the other 5 Dragons which I also gave new paint: 

Classic Dragon Miniature


A copy of Ghost Archipelago magically appeared on my shelf, so I became inspired to create some island terrain after watching Ash Barker's video series on the game. Using a water mat he builds up islands and rock spires which connect to make for fantastic Frost Grave action. 

My Purchases: Games Workshop's Lake Town Set (x3), Hot Wire Foam Cutter


Games Workshop Lake Town Set
Ghost Archipelago Terrain
Frost Grave Terrain

Thanks for reading. If you have any before-and-after photos that you're proud of post links below. I always get a kick out of those!