Merry Miercemas

And happy holidays to everyone.

I give you KRULL!. He was expected to ship with five more miniature Krulls carrying axes and roman legionaire scutums (tower sheilds) , but alas they are still on the sculptor’s desk.

I heavily relied on some of the other Krulls around the web for colour inspiration. In particular one white-skinned version painted by painting studio.


The base was designed to fit in with the rest the fantasy collection.


For the armour plates I first attempted to achieve a NMM highlight scheme using metallic paints. The second step was to use Vallejo ‘metallic medium’ mixed with red, blue and orange. The idea here was to create different colored light sources encircling Krull. Chips and such were highlighted with Vallejo Aluminium.


The ax head in particular gave me a trying time. If you look closely many pieces of hair and debris can be seen on the surface. This is because I decided to repaint it from scratch 3 times. It was very difficult to get the highlights looking natural while also matching the rest of the figure.

I was relieved to see the final result after deciding to introduce much more black pigment on the bottom.


The wings are highly inspired by the work of Ana over at


I also took a higher resolution pic of the Kraken.


This year I painted 7 Infinity figures, 4 Mierce monsters, 1 Forgeworld dragon and 5 Tabletop World buildings.

2018 Total: 17 Miniatures Painted

To be honest I thought there was more. At least it will be an easy number to beat in 2019!

Here is a group shot featuring the big nasties of 2018, starting with the dragon from January.


I have also been busy working on some new woodland terrain. Here is a short video on the making of a pretty little pond.

Here’s to all of the folks who will unwrap some miniatures this Christmas. Happy new year everyone!