The Watchtower


Brutalist watchtowers mar skylines in the Viceroy’s realm. Imaginary boarders which cut into Biecarden’s temperate biome are littered with such towering strong-points. They stand as grizzly warnings to vagrants and those who would otherwise debase the Viceroy’s citizenry. Constructed up out of the ground from stone and beam, they rain obsidian-tipped death from enclosed embrasures.

Known as Todesgebäude to the natives in the south, these defensive buildings are fire resistant, and can hold out against light combat units until reinforcements arrive (or rations deplete). Each tower is outfitted with a half-tonne copper door that can be barricaded from the inside.


I set out to scratch build Tabletop World’s Guard Tower. I’ll say upfront that I’m very happy with how this project turned out.

In the past I have given away most scratch built stuff. I usually perceive my work from a year on to be shoddy, and don’t generally want to look at it.

I don’t think that will be happening this time.

My scratch version

My scratch version

The Tabletop World version

The Tabletop World version

I snapped some WIP shots along the way. Initially there were two problems: The hdf base warped, and the Hirstarts bricks were uneven in width. I fixed the former by removing the base altogether.

The later was remedied by applying more plaster to the areas where gaps were prominent. This had the unwanted side-effect of reducing the amount of texture on stone facings, though the tower is incredibly sturdy now.

Tools used: Dental Stone Plaster, Hirstarts molds, PVA Glue, Foamcore, Balsawood, toothpicks, cardboard and 2-part-epoxy for the flag.


Not quite, but… Machicolations!