Energized by Hobby, or Stressed Out?

Extreme mood swings have been plaguing my feelings about the hobby lately. So much of my time is spent trying to uncover the core of what ignites the imagination and makes me happy. Sitting on the subway heading home from an 8 hour Infinity tournament left me feeling empty.

Is it all worth it?

All of this endless pondering over little miniature soldiers? When I ultimately make it to the table for less than 0.01% of that time spent obsessing? 

Perhaps I would be happier on a golf course, or at the cinema. 

And then I read things like Monstrous Births AND I'M PULLED BACK IN BABY! Definitely there is something to this hobby. Something that can be enjoyed alone, and together.

I think managing expectations has a lot to do with how I enjoy it all. While I can't always identify what exactly gets me super stoked about my own work I have identified exactly what gets me bummed out: having too much stuff. 

All of the miniature artists that I really admire and aspire to be like have this minimalist quality. This minimalism doesn't show through in their pieces, rather the type of pieces they put out, the number of miniatures they seem to own and the deep care and consideration they put into each project. 

A little one has joined the ranks at this household causing a shift in the rooming plan. The former "hobby-room-man-cave" has been commandeered by the boss, and I've had to make some adjustments. Downsizing when it comes to the hobby can hurt at first, but I ALWAYS feel better afterward.

There is something about my personality that forces me to create a table's worth of terrain each time I pick up a new game. Obviously this leads to a stress on storage space. The kicker is that once these tables of terrain are complete I still look at the projects other people have completed so longingly; like I need to add those types of things to my collection as well.

And the cycle continues. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my hobby is benefited much more by restraint than by vigor; I think that can be seen in my latest project: The Butterfly Snatcher. 

Instead of allowing my appetite to get out of control and loading my plate with more and more projects which I'll never feasibly be able to complete I've been attempting to develop some discipline. Discipline to move more slowly through each project. The key seems to be to reduce clutter; physical clutter and mental clutter. 

Anyway, here is my first completed 'slow' project. Thanks for reading.