Contest Time!

Hey guess what! 

I've just hit the 1k subscribers mark on my Youtube channel and as a result I'm holding a painting contest. The contest video is at the bottom of this post, but here are the rules:

Due Date: March 27th
Subject: A 28mm NPC, Villager or Citizen from any setting. The miniature must not have a weapon.
How to submit: Post a picture of the unpainted NPC figure on a piece of paper with the date and "HDM Contest" written on it and a photo of the painted figure to an email ( or tweet it at me (@hotdiceminis). In the message you must include the NPC's name, what is their occupation, what game they are meant for and what part of that game's world they are from!

I will make a video showing off all of the submissions.

The prize is your choice of any one of my very own neoprene double-sided wargaming mats shipped straight to your front door (worldwide free shipping). They can be viewed at: HotDiceMiniatures Website

Here are some of the submissions so far:


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