Bakunin Reinforcements

Nearly two months of hobby time has been absorbed by these tedious-to-paint spindly-spindlers. At long last I can move on to new projects!

Back in February I wrote about a feeling that I had riding the subway home from an Infinity tournament. Having lost all three of my games that day I opened the Infinity Army Builder App to change things up. 

Here are seven new recruits for my Bakunin force. 



"Morlock Groups are composed of the dispossessed of Bakunin's multi-society. If an individual does not fit in any of the habitats or common zones of Bakunin and has a violent or problematic record, he is assigned to a Morlock Group."

Morlocks are kind of like the last few points of an army spent on equipment in other games. They're only 8pts in a game that calls for 300pt rosters. They are important in Bakunin because they carry smoke grenades.

Having smoke on each flank of the table opens up avenues of attack which simply wouldn't be possible otherwise. The more options available at the beginning of a turn greatly affects the probability of successful match-ups arising. 

Riot Grrls


"These girls come from the marginal neighborhoods of the Human Sphere, well accustomed to street fights and everyday urban survival. Problem girls who, when leaving the module for Bakunin's common spaces, are constant sources of trouble and are old acquaintances of the Moderator Corps' cells."

The old Riot Grrl models might be some of the ugliest in the current Corvus Belli catalog. Luckily CB released some new ones last year which I think are quite handsome. 

Midfield specialists with speed and defensive power were missing from previous iterations of my list. Riot Grrls fit that niche perfectly with Hyperdynamics (+3 to dodge), 2 wounds and 3 points of armour.

Room was made for these ladies by dropping a Reverend Healer, and a Clock Maker. Those two pieces no longer make the cut because I rarely spend orders on them. Attempting to fix dead troops is extremely inefficient. It is far better to not die in the first place!



"Bakunin’s scout units are specialists in reconnaissance and sabotage behind enemy lines. They received the codename ‘Zeros’ after their exceptionally low rate of both failed missions and casualties."

Zeros are likely the best unit in the Bakunin roster. I considered going back to vanilla Nomads because moderator link-teams are not that impressive. That's when I remembered that vanilla has a restriction of 2 Zeros. No way! 

This is the third zero in my list (fourth if you count Bran). She is a forward observer to pair with my Vertigo Zond, and for missions like The Grid. A fourth infiltrating camo-marker-specialist never hurt anyone!



"The Moderators are the tactical police unit of Bakunin, providing a rapid response force for any crisis situation."

I needed another figure with a pitcher-combi. That strange looking barrel on the end is what differentiates it from a regular combi-rifle. This represents the third pitcher in a link. Maybe that is not optimized, but it's just kind of how the points and SWC worked out. This way I'll never run out of repeaters. 


Here is my Bakunin horde (minus the remotes). 

If anyone is interested in watching how I play this army (before the addition of these new recruits), I visited Ash at GMG earlier this year for a match. He was using his 'Steel Phalanx' force with Achilles and Ajax. It was great fun to play!