Sword & Brush 2018

The greatest city in Canada has gone without a dedicated miniature convention for far too long. Well it is finally here, and it’s awesome. As I mentioned in last year’s Sword & Brush event recap, the organizers sought to grow the painting competition into a comprehensive all-round-miniature-lover’s-bonanza. A legendary local gaming store joined forces with the hobby aficionados behind S&B, and my new favourite weekend has been born!

This year’s 2-day event sported two insightful hobby seminars, multiple gaming tournaments and the greatest painting show I’ve had the luxury to attend.

Both seminars offered fantastic hobby instruction. Class one taught by James Craig of ‘Lost in the Warp’ fame ran through the many methods of weathering. The class started basic by covering stippling, and then advanced to using chipping fluids and pigments.


Hobby professor Colin Fraser had a lot to say about moving putty around. He has a bias against Green Stuff, and spits on the name of Milliput. His poison is Magic Sculpt; a type of epoxy I’ve not gotten my hands on.

The lecture started by listing relevant materials. After a discussion on building an armature Colin dove right into the nitty-gritty. A horribly failed sculpting project is what prompted me to attend, and this pep-talk was precisely what I needed. Time to get back on that terribly disfigured putty-horse.


To enter a miniature, or not to enter a miniature? How about two? I was on the fence about this, as the price to enter the competition was in addition to the door fee, but in the end it seemed worthwhile. Last year’s efforts earned me a bronze medal (Mierce Dragon Ogre). This year Mr. Butterfly Snatcher and Chimera earned me a Silver! Moving up in the world.


I have to single out this highway sign. For anyone unfamiliar with Southern Ontario, the 401 is a vital highway that connects London to Toronto, and Toronto to Ottawa. Capital to capital! Anyway, I just friggen loved this sign.


A gallery of the gaming tournaments. While I was present there were folks playing Infinity, Flames of War & Kill Team.

The main course. What you came here for! All the pretty pictures. Not sure of whether to include the artist’s names or not, I ultimately decided to only photograph the minis as it just makes for a better viewing experience. Amazing paint jobs all around!