"Wander not the southern reaches of Charcuna, for wyrd folk dwell there. They call themselves Houndan, and ah’ve ‘eard rumour they oft consume funguses to jargogle the crumpet, and commune with beast; conjuring the very spirit of forhist some say. Bewitched... all of ‘em. Ah’ve even ‘eard they forswear our maths, and worship a vast calamity with three heads out in the weald." - Hanz S. - Cytruss Commoner

This is the third large model from Mierce Miniatures I have painted to completion. All that I can say is wow. It feels like these huge beasties paint themselves. This particular model is "THE HORROR OF SCUMASTHORPE, FOUL CHIMERA" from the Bane Legions range. If you haven't yet checked out Mierce's stuff then I don't know what you're doing with your life. 


It wouldn't be a Mierce product without a big beautiful dong floppin about. 


Here is a picture of him without any photo enhancements. 


Work in progress shot. This is what the figure looked like after laying down the airbrush colours. From this photo onward I used a paintbrush. I hope the time savings from the airbrush are apparent.