A Night of Carousing

Smoke wafts out from the tavern as your party walks through the doors into a dimly lit hall. Half-eaten meals cover the tables scattered about the room.

”That tea smells gruesome.” says the Dwarf.

“I think that’s the stew.” says the Elf.


Two of the patrons appear to be blinkered. Then you notice that even the lass behind the bar is somewhat goat-drunk. The three cock-eyed jokers let out raucous laughter at your apprehension. They motion for you to join them.

Do you:

A - Leave immediately. There are better places to warm the bones and find sustenance.

B- (Charm) Approach the bar. See if you can get a free meal out of the situation. Roll a Charisma Check

C- (Intimidate) There is money to be made here. Tell the fools to empty their pockets and let you behind the bar! Roll a Brutality Check.

(A) You decide to leave immediately. The three topheavy amigos will just have to continue the party on their own.

Dawn approaches. The trio decide to call an end to this evening’s debauchery.

They stumble through the tavern door. Albert, the least potted of the three notices an unusual number of glow-flies buzzing about the place. Oblivious, the other two continue on.


He calls out for his friends to stop, and turn around.


The looming figure gives them all a start. They let out a shriek before breaking into a full-speed-drunken-sprint down the cobblestone street.



I have begun painting a large batch of ‘NPC’ minis from Warlord Game’s landsknecht range which I purchased back in March of last year.

I started with my favourites of the bunch: these three drunkies. They are much closer to Infinity models in scale than GW figs. Stay tuned; more civilians coming in the next few days.