First Commission of 2019

There are more citizens on the way, but for now here are some shots of a terrain commission I took on. The job included cutting the Garden of Morr set from sprue, attaching everything to MDF bases, and painting! It took a long time, and ultimately I sorely under bid for the job.

I’m quite proud of how the ruined tower came out. I used pigment powder which I dry-brushed highlights over top of. The trees are from amazon. They were around $30CAD and in my opinion very underwhelming. Just walking by them causes flock to come flying off; extremely messy to work with.


I received this statue as a gift from Infinite Dimensions Games and decided to try out the ‘steel-wool-marble’ technique on it. I feel like I heard about this technique 3 or 4 years ago now, and am happy I finally gave it ago. I pulled some steel wool from underneath the kitchen sink and got to messing around.

After spraying it black I put the whole scrubber between the statue and my airbrush and started spraying gray. I now had gray steel wool, but no paint on the statue. So I spread out the wool a bit. Now paint was coming through, but in a clowdy sort of way. I looked up the technique and followed someone’s blog on the subject. I learned that the steel wool has to be teased out, and you don’t use very much.

The image below is my first try at it. I’m excited to try it out more in the future, as I’m sure I can get better results.