Window-shop Therapy

Do you have a list of reasons why you shouldn’t purchase any more miniatures? For yours truly a short list has grown into a long one, and a critical mass has been met.

It has a lot to do with the state of this dresser.


While some of the drawers look like this:


Many of them look like this:

(Hordes upon hordes of unpainted warriors, sentenced to a battle-less existence)

(Hordes upon hordes of unpainted warriors, sentenced to a battle-less existence)

The older I get, the more I relish applying the final details of each character. Painting each set of figures slower than the last is a trend which puts the ol' backlog in a somewhat dubious light. Assuming a complete purchasing halt, a good portion of these figures will still be lead coloured in four year's time.

As a result I’ve begun rehabbing my purchasing addiction with some “Window-shopping Therapy”.

To aid in my recovery, I’ve decided to diarize about 22 of my favourites which I shan’t be collecting lest I relapse. Perhaps in four years time my resolve will wane.

Here they are for your window-shopping enjoyment, in no real order:

1. Pulse

This list is presented in no particular order, but Pulse does deserve the top spot. She gets added to my shopping cart each time I visit Hasslefree.

Pulse would make a great HVT for any Infinity Human Sphere faction.

2. Greater Cat Lord with Sword

This gem was discovered during a multiple-hour-scour of the ironwind website. Out of the thousands of figures available there, the Cat Lord jumps out as a must-have.

3. Mazikilias, Baleful Vasilisk

The resin gargantuans that come from Mierce are the ultimate indulgence for any collector. Mazikilias’ size is impressive. It reminds me of the Tarrasque from D&D.

4. Water Merchant

Charisma of Citadel's golden age meets modern talent. The Water Merchant makes a great NPC for games of Scrappers or Inq28 (or Wasteman, ThunderChild's very own skirmish game).

5. The Beggars Hovels

These tabletop sprucer-uppers would work well for any period or setting, from Warhammer to Star Wars. I love the implied motion of the draped tarps.

6. Dragon Cavalry

Titan Forge's resin casts are quality. Dragon Cavalry is just fun to say. Personally I would replace the riders with Perry foot-knights.

7. Dione

She's your favourite werewolf slayer. Dione is Hasslefree's second appearance on this list. The trenchcoat texture contrasted by the spandex really sells her for me.

8. Fishfolk

Having just recently read Shadow over Innsmouth for the first time, these Fishfolk are nigh irresistible to me. The Evil Dead Necronomicon reference is especially appreciated.

9. Late War Panther

Another figure which has made it to the virtual shopping cart many times, but has yet avoided my closet. One of the more controversial tanks of the second world war, aesthetically it’s my number one pick from the period. Some historians fault it as unreliable, while others acknowledg it as the greatest main battle tank produced en masse. Here is a fun video which provides a great overview of the vehicle as it relates to its contemporaries:

10. Freak

I have no reason to collect modern soldiers, and that’s a shame. Freak looks like such a deadly individual. The way his boot is mid heel-toe really illustrates his tactical presence. There are a couple other modern soldiers over at Hasslefree which would make a fantastic unit.

11. Fiddler Mech

While hunting for a Nomad Lizard replacement I discovered the Fiddler Mech now produced by White Dragon Miniatures. The way that the fiddly arms dangle in the front remind me of the creature from “The Ritual”.

12. Mutie Venture Team

I have never even seen the show, but this figure is undeniable. The studio paintjob is also great.

13. Heroes 4

Having grown up watching Knight Rider has nothing to do with this pick. Nothing at all…

14. Drakon

Two years ago I painted the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth from Mierce. Now he feels somewhat insufficient. This Drakon guy gives me Shaggoth envy.

15. Tilda

The way that Kev White sculpts women is unabashed, and I love it. Tilda is bodacious and threatening at the same time.

16. Watcher of Death: Narasimha

R-one Toy Studio is a company out of China selling limited runs of highly-detailed 3D printed miniatures. They are a three person operation founded in 2016 producing a small number of breathtaking designs.

17. Dakota

Dakota fits in great with Dione and Pulse. I think she could work as a Bakunin Custodier (Infinity). I really dig the Matrix vibes.

18. Kadamastar, Ancient Devourer

Another gigantic resin beast from Mierce. A great figure to cap off a D&D campaign.

19. Mother Morrigan

This is the fifth and final time Hasslefree will appear on this list. Mother Morrigan screams Mordheim and Inquisitor at the same time. Games Workshop couldn’t have done a better job themselves.

20. Plague Angel

This figure is somewhat rubbery looking, with details that clearly aren’t as crisp as Creature Caster’s newer products. However with some added texture via texture paint and static grass this issue could be largely hidden. How about removing the scythe and sculpting two clawed hands? I think there is great potential with Plague Angel as a starting point.

21. Watcher of Death: Yakwevik

It’s bear godzilla.

22. Komainu Spearmen Cavalry

Fudog Cavalry again from Titan Forge Miniatures. I can’t decide if these are better than the Dragon Cavalry or not.

Well there are 22 miniatures (or so) which I adore, but can’t collect at this time in my hobby journey. Have you managed to get through the list without spending any money?