Painting Pricing Scheme

To come up with a quote I divide a project into chunks of work, estimate how many ‘sessions’ each chunk will require, and then multiply the total by a day rate. Here are some examples of the pricing process:


1000pts bolt action german army

This box contains roughly 60 infantry and a tank.
- Cleaning & Texturing bases - 2hrs
- Cleaning & Gluing Figures - 8hrs
- Painting Tank - 8hrs
-Airbrushing Infantry - 2 hrs
-Painting Uniforms with brush - 8hrs
-Painting Flesh - 8hrs
-Painting Bases - 4hrs
Total: 40 hours Cost: $600 CAD

Gamesworkshop start collecting

These boxes generally contain highly detailed models with intricate, hard lines that require ‘clean’ painting. As a result they require more time to produce a quality finish.
-Cleaning & Texturing Bases - 1hr
-Cleaning & Gluing Figures - 4hrs
-Painting Armour Plates - 8hrs
-Painting Filigree& Banner - 8hrs
-Painting Flesh Tones and Bases - 8hrs
Total: 29 hours Cost: $435 CAD




For centerpiece projects send a detailed email to to start a discussion. I am happy to work on figures that require advanced techniques and special care. Be sure to include reference photos and a budget. Together we will bring your vision to the tabletop!


Before requesting a quote you can familiarize yourself with my personal painting style by viewing my gallery of miniatures.