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To request a quote you can either fill out the form below, or send an email to outlining what you would like to have done. 

A note on pricing: 
I strive to offer reasonable quotes for all projects. I'm willing to work with any budget. From the form below you can see that I offer two levels of Quality. 

Standard Quality: 10 models will receive 5-10 hours of attention & will be painted to an efficient, but effective standard.   
Push the Limits:  List any centrepiece models to be painted to the very best of my ability.

Remember that we offer free pick-up and delivery anywhere in the GTA

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List the "make" and number of models to be painted at this level.
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Note that any order costs will be added to down payment.

Still not sure if a commission painting service is for you? There is no rush when it comes to miniatures, and you may have yet unlocked artistic talent! There are many free resources available for learning the trade of painting miniatures, but it certainly isn't for everybody. Feel free to check out some of my painting tutorials below or this guide to painting metal miniatures I guest-posted over at FAEIT212.

 Just Sign on the Dotted Line...

Just Sign on the Dotted Line...