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Celtos is a fast paced miniature tabletop battle system for two or more players. The game is set in the ancient land of Goria. Five races battle for dominion over Goria: the Fir Bolg, the accursed living dead hosts of Anwyn - the Sidhe, the immortal elven rulers of the elements - the Fomorians, demonic orc and goblin spawn of Chaos and Old Night - the Gaels, warrior men and women; the favoured children of the All Mother - the Vanir, Dwarven raiders of the frozen wasteland.

Heartbreaker’s range of models is produced for those with an appreciation for miniatures of the highest standard. By employing some of the leading designers Heartbreaker offers a diversified mixture of style and races, yet maintains a level of quality un-matched by our competitors. Our dedication to quality spans the entire miniature making process from the original design to the finished product.

The solar system is a roaring mayhem of death and war. The Surfaces of the inner planets have been swept clean by the Dark Legion’s storming Hordes. The human corporations have offered fierce resistance, but divided they fall…

Mutant Chronicles Warzone miniatures have been faithfully reproduced to capture the violent and gritty atmosphere of this war-torn universe.